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Let me introduce myself

I’m Kitty Tuttle, owner and founder of Kitty Tuttle Interiors

Many years ago, I earned a bachelors degree in art and economics from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia. Soon after I graduated, I discovered my true calling and earned an interior design degree. After nine years of experience at large design firms, I opened the doors of Kitty Tuttle Interiors in 1997.

As a professional member of ASID with over 30 years of interior design experience, my clients see me as an expert of color, composition and space planning. I pride myself on creating design solutions that not only improve the beauty and functionality of a home, but also reflect the personalities and unique stories of my clients.

When I’m not busy running my own business, I enjoy singing in my church’s choir, scouring flea markets for antiques and exploring other cultures while traveling with my family.

Some of my work that has been awarded or featured:



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